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The Best Japanese Restaurant in Toronto

Kokyo Restaurant

Looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Toronto?

When looking for the best Sushi or Sashimi, Toronto residents often miss one of the city's best-kept secrets: Kokyo.

In terms of quality and value, this little jewel is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Toronto and is the hands down winner as far as value for your money.

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If you are a sushi connoisseur, you will not be disappointed with your Kokyo (rhymes with Tokyo) experience. You would be hard pressed to find a better prepared sushi at any Toronto Japanese restaurant. Discover why here:

Toronto sushi: What's behind the perfect sushi?

If your friends think sushi is just raw fish, you'll find that Kokyo is an oasis in the Toronto Japanese restaurant scene. "Chef Johnny" has created a menu with a uniquely North American twist to suit their inexperienced palate while you can enjoy the finely prepared hot and cold classics. For once, you'll be able to bring your sushi-loathing friends (even your vegetarian ones) to a Japanese restaurant in Toronto that they'll be crazy about. Find out more here:

A Toronto Japanese restaurant with a twist

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Top dishes at this Toronto Japanese restaurant

You can dine in or take out. Or if you prefer to spend a relaxing evening at home, Kokyo will deliver right to your door.

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Call 416-962-6968 to make your reservation today at this exceptional Toronto Japanese restaurant. If you prefer, check out the menu and have great Japanese food conveniently delivered to your door.

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